HOMETOWN Entertainment
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Copyright 2013 by Hometown Studio & Distribution Company, Inc.

Hometown Entertainment introduces "Dream Makers"


All Across America, June 3, 2013:  Hometown Entertainment has developed a new kind of reality TV show called "Dream Makers"  Built on a Social Television platform, "Dream Makers" is a talent contest that will build a movie making team of the top 15 undiscovered  show business talents from across America. The show starts online, adds cable TV then broadcasts live to movie theaters as well the Internet, TV for the finale. Our buzz campaign runs June-August, open auditions September-November, and first round of online voting takes place during December 2013. The show goes online January 2014, adds cable TV in March, and goes live online and on TV in April. The finale will be broadcast live from a major theater the last week of May. Hometown Entertainment created "Dream Makers" to give gifted/unconnected people a chance to work in the movie business; to get a piece of the action so to speak. The winners will have the opportunity to work on a feature film to be produced by Hometown Entertainment. The audience will vote for whom they think should be on the "Dream Makers" movie-making team.

The team includes: Director, Marketing, Cinematographer, Production Design, Set Designer, Make Up, Costume Designer, Visual Effects, Sound, Music Supervisor, Editor plus four Actor categories. Each episode dramatically presents talented people vying for one of these positions in their own area of expertise. Every week the producers give the contestants a portion of a movie script that they will use to show off their talents. Contestants will make a pitch video explaining how they would apply their craft to make the script into a movie. Besides the pitch, they will be given other tasks that will add drama to the show, including back stories, and self-produced personal interest videos. Professional industry judges critique the pitch videos. All the videos will be posted online and the audience votes for their favorite contestants. Ultimately, the audience picks the winners. "Dream Makers" will tally the votes as they come in live during the show finale.