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Copyright 2013 by Hometown Studio & Distribution Company, Inc.

A Hometown Entertainment Production

Dr. Ralph Showers, now 77 years young, is a champion and a hero who gave voice to the voiceless, and dignity to the otherwise forgotten people. His vision, mission, compassion, and action have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in a beautiful way. Hometown Entertainment believes that this is a story whose time has come and is more relevant today than ever before. You can help tell this story by donating to the project at

Ralph today
Palmer Community Center 
at Rainbow Acres
The Ralph Showers Story

Hometown Entertainment chose Dreamer to be the inaugural project on our new reality television show "Dream Makers"

Dreamer is the quintessential underdog story about a person who overcomes the greatest odds to accomplish his life long dream of providing handicap people an opportunity to be productive members of society.  

Dr. Ralph Showers; a successful minister and a social visionary, spent much of his childhood struggling through school with learning disabilities. He dreamed of building a place where handicapped adults could lead lives guided by meaning, purpose, dignity and spiritual strength. Through physical, emotional and operational setbacks, this dream survived to become Rainbow Acres – a special place where miracles occur every day.

HOMETOWN Entertainment