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Copyright 2013 by Hometown Studio & Distribution Company, Inc.
Your P&A investment is maximized through the development of these strategies:

Comprehensive analysis and assessment of scripts and completed movies
Research reports of comparable projects based on historical performance of similar movies and recent  industry trends
Strategic evaluation for production, marketing and distribution plans and how to maximize your efforts
Access to a network of buyers, bookers and exhibitors through over 30 years of experience and direct personal relationships
Tracking of technology trends that impact the marketing and selling of entertainment products and how to use these changes to the benefit of the producer
These strategies are used in the services offered to our customers including:

Consulting on domestic and international sales for theatrical, video/DVD, and television marketing and distribution
Calendar releasing scheduling to maximize the release dates and size and kind of release pattern
Event planning and execution
Packaging and delivery of the entertainment property to exhibitors
Near real time parsing of the revenue streams to stake holders when the transaction takes place
Negotiation and follow up on all U.S. and worldwide distribution and marketing issues
You can hire Hometown to facilitate all your movie exploitation needs. We offer end to end entertainment solutions in the United States and throughout the world.  This includes strategic planning, sales, marketing and consulting for films, television programs and new media. We offer hands-on service and execution of strategic plans, sales, marketing and distribution for studios and independent producers.
Marketing and Distribution of any manufactured product is an expensive undertaking. Movies are no exception. While it is possible to release a movie on a national or international basis that is not always the best strategy. Every movie needs its own marketing plan. Please contact our distribution department for more information. We would love to discuss your project. Email us at
HOMETOWN Entertainment