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Darla is a seventeen year old aspiring filmmaker who moves to Irvine where she enrolls in the Video Yearbook class. She is given the “cheer squad” assignment and becomes best friends with Julie, the most popular cheerleader at Irvine High School.

Darla’s dream of becoming the best documentary filmmaker in the world is shattered when she comes face to face with the power of corporate greed on a galactic scale. Without warning, someone kidnaps Julie and does not leave a trace. Darla is devastated and retreats to the Internet where she starts an on-line romance with a mysterious young man named Luke.

That summer, Darla spends nearly every waking moment making a documentary about Julie. When she does take a break, she instant messages her biggest supporter Luke, who she has never met in person. Her mother demands, “stop wasting so much time on-line with that stranger, put away your camera and get a real job.”